Stories Online


Arts & Letters PRIME – “Preparing the Bulb Owl: An Amateur’s Guide” (Includes audio features)

Contrary Magazine – “with all the bright lights on”

Corium Magazine – “A Northern State,” “The Other Living”

DOGZPLOT – “And Then There Was Nothing”

Good Men Project – “Brat’s Last Things”

Guernica – “How I Gonna Bare My Neck Outside in the Sweat-Scared Morning”

Heavy Feather Review (Issue 2.1, forthcoming January 2013) – “Apple/Arcadia”

Housefire Publishing – “You, the Misplaced”

Huffington Post – “Salt” (excerpt)

Metazen – “He Is in the Sea Itself”

Monkeybicycle – “Little Monster”

Narrative Magazine (forthcoming) – “Sofia, Bulgaria” (non-fiction Reader’s Narrative)

Necessary Fiction – “World That Owes”

Paper Darts – “Banged By an Alien Again”

Plain Wrap Press – “The Summer Everyone Got Naked Kind Of”

Red Lightbulbs – “Exquisite Corpse” (collaboration with Faith Gardner)

The Rumpus – “I Was a Teenage Arsonist” (essay)

The Rumpus – “The Atlas” (essay)

Sonora Review – “More Falling than Running” (caption for the Flash Friday Contest)


Sundog Lit – “Fortune Teller,” “Buoyed Nets or a Towered Light Spinning”

Treehouse – “Lessons in American History,” “You Live Alone in a Small House”

Vela Mag – “On Being Unalone” (essay)

Wigleaf – “My Man”

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